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MMA Renewable Ventures finances, owns and operates renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the United States. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective, competitively priced clean energy for customers and exceptional investment opportunites in the renewable energy sector.  

  Aug. 20, 2008 Hawaiian Blessing Sets Stage for Transformation of Coal-Fired Plant to Bioenergy Facility
  Aug. 19, 2008 Nation's Most Visible Solar Array Dedicated at Denver International Airport
  May 30, 2008 MMA Renewable Ventures and Wells Fargo Announce Clean Energy Project in San Francisco
  May 30, 2008 MMA Renewable Ventures Enters Wind Market with Oregon Project
  Apr. 24, 2008 Hundreds of Students, Faculty and Community Members Joined Los Angeles Community College District As It Celebrated Earth Day By 'Flipping the Switch' On Newly Completed $9 Million Solar Project at East Los Angeles College
  Apr. 24, 2008 Macy’s Hails Earth Day With SunPower Solar Dedication in San Jose
  Apr. 1, 2008 MMA Renewable Ventures Grows Solar PPA Portfolio 500 Percent in 2007.

As far as ordinary fuels go, just one thing is absolutely certain : we shall, one day, run out. For too much time the world has relied just about totally on the ongoing availability of oil, gas and coal but are we able to actually regard eco-friendly power sources as the way ahead? Can replenish-able energies actually be the solution to reducing our desire for traditional fuels? First off it is crucial to understand what kinds of replaceable energies are being pursued just now and what their benefits and drawbacks are. Solar Energy If you live in Arizona, the Middle East or the Australian outback, solar energy is maybe a superb offer. Photo-voltaic cells can offer great amounts of power from intense daylight but what do you do if you live in Northwards Europe, or parts of the East where the warm climate implies that daylight won't be a trustworthy source of power. Let's admit it, if you can not see the sun for the clouds, you are certain to get less energy output.

Maintaining continuity in supply could be simpler if solar electricity can be effectively mixed with other replaceable sources. Wind Energy Right around the globe, you can not help but have spotted the large increase in the amount of air turbines springing up all over the country and also offshore. Wind energy, like solar electricity, has big potential, but also downsides.

What occurs when the wind isn't blowing? Are you able to maintain a baseload with this sort of a sporadic supply? How will we scale up the power output from turbines without covering complete states with wind farms? Accepting the chance of supplying all our modern power wants through wind energy alone is little, we must press on and consider yet more replaceable strategies.

Wave power has been shown to be a feasible source for electricity generation thru a lot research projects and trials but it still is much in the development stages with techniques of scaling up power generation to meet mass consumption being actively pursued. Being in its youth as a generation source, it may only provide important amounts of power when used with other strategies. Tidal power is among the fastest developing eco-friendly power sources. Its dependence on the tides makes it the most trustworthy and forecastable strategy of replenish-able power generation yet imagined. Again though , the scaling up to meet mass consumption needs is tricky though no scarcity of tidal areas and coastal inlets can be found in which to find the installations.

It's very clear that there isn't any current single replaceable source that would meet the wants of our contemporary society and our thirst for electricity. Eco-friendly power could still reduce our dependency on normal fuels if we are able to effectively mix the available sources to provide a mixture of sources, lessening the untrustworthy nature of some technologies and nature itself.


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