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USA Today, March 30, 2008
Companies give folks solar help to go green
"MMA Renewable Ventures, a top PPA provider, shaves system prices 25% by snaring high-volume discounts and low interest rates to finance the panels, CEO Matt Cheney says."

The New York Times, March 28, 2008
Pay for the Power, Not the Panels
"Mark McLanahan, vice president for marketing and strategy at MMA Renewable Ventures, said that the credits mean that companies like his can charge less for electricity under the power purchase contracts."

CBS News, March 22, 2008
Kan. Gov. Vetoes Coal-Fired Power Plants

Reuters, March 6, 2008
MMA Renewables funds Arizona thin film solar plant
**Deal Closed**

The Earth Times, March 6, 2008
MMA Renewable Ventures and Global Solar sign first PPA for CIGS thin film
**Deal Closed**

Environment News Service, February 13, 2008
Florida's Largest solar Power Array Dedicated in Sarasota
"The solar project was developed for FPL by MMA Renewable Ventures with financial support by Green Mountain Energy Company."

Business Week, December 3, 2007
Solar's Newest Resource
"MMA Renewable Ventures (MMA), helps companies build solar energy systems, cut their electricity bills, and lock in rates for decades--all with no money down."

Environmental Leader, October 16, 2007
Gap to Install Solar Power System
"The system will occupy five acres of land adjacent to Gap Inc.’s distribution center campus and will be financed, owned and operated by MMA Renewable Ventures, a subsidiary of Municipal Mortgage & Equity, LLC."

Denver Post, October 1, 2007
DIA to set Solar Standard
"The system, expected to be completed next year, will reduce carbon emissions by more than 5 million pounds each year, according to MMA Renewable Ventures and WorldWater & Solar Technologies, which will build the system."

SF Gate, May 13, 2007
Green ventures rake in money, but their power can rise and fall
" sophisticated financial whiz kids such as MMA Renewable Energy Ventures LLC have stepped in, offering to finance the large up-front investments."

US Department of Energy, May 9, 2007
Record-Breaking Solar Power Installations Underway in the West
"The base is leasing the land to MMA Renewable Ventures, a subsidiary of Municipal Mortgage & Equity, which will finance, own, and operate the system, selling the power to Nellis.", May 7, 2007
Burning Man takes on green tech
"After the event, Price explained, all the solar equipment, donated by San Francisco-based MMA Renewable Ventures, will be given to the town of Gerlach, which borders the Black Rock desert."

USA Today, April 18, 2007
Air Force embraces solar power: Largest project on continent to help light Nellis AFB in Nevada, spur renewable energy business
"MMA Renewable Ventures, a San Francisco company that will attract institutional investors to finance the project and own and operate the plant on land leased by the Air Force."

The New York Times, December 28, 2006
U.S. Companies Explore Ways to Profit From Trading Credits to Emit Carbon
“If you shut down an obsolete plant, should you automatically get carbon credits?” asked Matt Cheney, chief executive of MMA Renewable Ventures, which invests in clean energy projects and is a member of the exchange.

Forbes, November 15, 2006
Mining the Solar Gold Rush
"The capital cost and operational details of the solar project are being handled by MMA Renewable Ventures, one of a small crop of firms that has sprung up to provide financing in the super-hot solar and renewable energy markets."

Business Journal, September 11, 2006
Solar outlook brightens, but some still hazy on the details
"This is where it gets interesting," says Matt Cheney, chief executive officer of San Francisco-based MMA Renewable Ventures, a solar energy construction company. "We're moving into a new era for solar power."

SiliconBeat, June 9, 2006
"Local group builds largest winery solar system at Fetzer Vineyards"
"The move by Fetzer's winery, located in Hopland, Calif. (just north of the SF Bay Area, in Mendocino County) is significant because it is the first of about major 30 solar projects to be financed by SF-based MMA Renewable Ventures, a group that recently announced a $100 million fund for such deals."

Red Herring, February 28, 2006
Fund to Offer Solar ‘Leases’: Renewable Ventures says it raised $100 million to pay solar costs for customers
"Renewable Ventures will finance, own, and operate solar projects for businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits that want to go solar but don’t have the capital to pay for the upfront costs of buying and installing a system."

Red Hering, January 12, 2006
California Solar Gets $2.9B: A state agency will use the money to prod consumers to go solar, launching the largest U.S. solar incentive program.
"Others were more cautious is their enthusiasm. Matthew Cheney, CEO of Renewable Ventures, a VC firm in San Francisco, said the initiative fails to address some of the short-term challenges."

CBS News, January 12, 2006
State energy regulators approve $3 billion in solar incentives

San Francisco Business Times, August 19, 2005
'Cleaner' technologies raise interest and funds
"People are looking at Silicon Valley and saying the next technology emphasis will be cleantech," said Matt Cheney, chief executive of Renewable Ventures Inc., a project finance shop that is in the process of landing its own round of funding. "There's a lot of idle talent now that could be put to good use in cleantech."

Financial, June 22, 2005
Time to clean up? The climate is looking healthy for investment in green technology
"Matt Cheney , chief executive of Renewable Ventures, which invests in clean energy projects, says this is still near the beginning of a process that is gathering steam under the influence of government action on climate change and growing public concern. "It's not hot, it's not even warm yet, but it is warming up."

Red Hering, April 28, 2005
Clean Energy Firms React to Bush's Latest Proposals


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