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  Apr. 1, 2008 MMA Renewable Ventures Grows Solar PPA Portfolio 500 Percent in 2007

The Future Of Renewables - Can They Save The World

Our current base for fuel is not renewable. We are faced with a choice: find something new or ruin the Earth, which is our only way to live. That's a pretty heavy choice, but are renewable energy sources really the answer? Can the sun, wind and biofuels really help save our lives and the future of our Earth?

The debate has grown louder as undeniable evidence of global warming takes over our lives. Many people who want more renewable energy argue that it is the only thing that will save us over the long term, while those who are against its use argue that they do not want windmills blocking their countryside views. The result, logically, should be to look at how much wind and solar power would be necessary to completely eradicate our use of carbon fuels completely.

We need to consider the amount of land necessary for both solar and wind farms. One standard wind farm will create 2 watts of electricity per square meter, however, the turbines need to be spaced far enough apart so they don't affect each other. Solar farms will generate 5 watts per square meter, but they, too, need to be spaced far enough apart so they don't cast shadows on each other. While technology is solving these issues, it is still safe to say that renewable energies require a great deal of space, especially as more and more businesses are using renewable energy (which use more than consumers).

Here is a short list of companies using renewable energy in their businesses:
Deutsche Bank
TD Bank
Whole Foods

However, if enough land were available, nearly every country in the world could rely solely on renewables for their necessary energy consumption. Most countries would need to devote less than 5 percent of their total land to wind and solar farms to erase their dependency on fossil fuels. Some countries, such as the UK, would not be able to use solar and wind at all, however, they could search offshore for their renewable energies. They could still come completely off the fossil fuel grid with help from neighboring countries.

The next issue is the cost of converting to renewable energy. If the current cost were maintained, it would take the world 200 years to come off fossil fuels. However, if future investments and a reduction in the cost of solar and wind farms were to happen, our conversion would only take 40 years. China has already implemented ways to reduce the cost of running solar and wind farms.

The answer to the overall question is, yes, renewable energies will save the world. The new question should be, will humans let it happen?



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