MMA Renewable Ventures: A MuniMae Company



About Us: History

MMA Renewable Ventures originated in North America in 1999 as Renewable Ventures LLC, a subsidiary of Dutch utility NUON NV. With a mission of financing, owning and operating renewable energy generation facilities and with a focus on investing in solar photovoltaic projects, Renewable Ventures LLC established itself as a leading competitor in the rapidly growing U.S. market for commercial and industrial solar power generation. MuniMae acquired the company in 2006, two years after a management buyout led by CEO Matt Cheney.


  • Secures PPA for largest solar energy system in North America at Nellis Air Force base
  • Launches energy efficiency business line


  • Ends year having financed $39 million worth of solar energy projects nationwide
  • Syndicates country’s first institutional investment in solar project financing
  • Receives Solar Business Achievement Award from Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) for innovative approach to project finance
  • Creates and syndicates country’s first solar energy investment fund for institutional investors
  • Expands investment focus to pursue opportunities in wind energy and bioenergys
  • Combines with MuniMae to form MMA Renewable Ventures


  • Owns and operates combined output of more than 1 MW of solar power in five locations across the U.S.
  • Manages PPAs and lease agreements with site-host customers
  • Leverages detailed understanding of project finance to successfully meet customer and investor goals
  • Develops programs to boost markets for Renewable Energy Certificates


  • In March 2004, Renewable Ventures was bought out from NUON NV in a deal led by CEO Matt Cheney


  • Company focuses on investment projects in solar (PV) energy and emerged as a leading competitor in the rapidly-growing U.S. market for commercial and industrial solar power generation


  • Renewable Ventures LLC was established as a subsidiary of Dutch utility NUON NV in 1999
  • Operating as NUON Renewable Ventures USA LLC, the Company entered the North American markets to finance, own, and operate renewable energy generation facilities


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