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Solutions: Developers

MMA Renewable Ventures Provides Financing For Your Projects

MMA Renewable Ventures works with industry-leading energy project developers and system integrators to provide high-quality, reliable renewable energy power systems and energy efficiency projects. These qualified energy project developers have the customer and supplier relationships, technical expertise and experience to successfully carry a project from start to finish.

MMA Renewable Ventures will provide funding for projects where the customer prefers to purchase just the power a system generates rather than the system itself.

With operating budgets becoming tighter, customers find value in the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) we offer as a simple way to access renewable power without having to allocate scarce capital.

A PPA with MMA Renewable Ventures is backed by years of project operating experience and the strong financial know-how that is required to ensure a finished project gets properly funded and maintained over the term of the contract.

Energy Project Developer and System Integrator: Roles in PPAs

  • Identify qualified customers (minimum 250-300 kW system for solar, 3 MW for wind)
  • Perform site evaluation and initiate system approval process
  • Source and install equipment
  • Provide finished, fully operational system
  • Provide ongoing operations and maintenance services under contract

Energy project developers that we partner with for energy efficiency projects take on similar roles, including: identifying qualified customers and project opportunities, performing energy audits and site evaluations, sourcing and installing equipment and providing ongoing operations and maintenance services.


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