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Access Clean Energy through MMA Renewable Ventures

Large-scale renewable energy power plants can be expensive and complicated systems. MMA Renewable Ventures can provide the capital and expertise to bring systems online quickly and efficiently. Our top-tier industry partnerships allow us to finance reliable, durable clean energy power plants that give you a long-term solution for supplementing your energy needs. And, whenever possible, we will finance renewable energy projects that can also be integrated with energy efficiency measures in order to maximize economic and environmental benefits for customers.

MMA Renewable Ventures uses Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to formalize the relationship between our customers and us.

Under a PPA, MMA Renewable Ventures will finance, build, own, and operate renewable energy systems for customers. Requiring no up front capital costs for the customer, MMA Renewable Ventures will sell the electricity the system generates and the corresponding Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to the customer. These agreements specify the estimated output of the renewable energy system and price per kWh. They require the customer to sign a contractual agreement to buy electricity over a period of 10-25 years.

When the system is producing electricity, it reduces the need for grid-supplied electricity, thereby offsetting costly grid power and reducing fossil fuel based greenhouse gas emissions.

Key Advantages of PPAs Over Self-Financing Systems

With MMA Renewable Ventures, you can purchase renewable energy and Renewable Energy Credits as stated under the PPA terms. The following conditions are necessary for a PPA:

  • Customer’s ability and willingness to sign long-term contract (10-25 years)
  • Investment grade credit rating
  • Sufficient financial incentives must be available in state of installation (e.g. state rebates)
  • Appropriate location available for system installation
  • Sufficient renewable energy supplies (wind, sun or biomass material)

Energy Efficiency Financing Solutions

MMA Renewable Ventures also offers customized energy efficiency financing solutions, including a 100 percent financing option that can be structured as off-balance sheet. Our comprehensive project financing allows customers to pay no up-front costs and projects can be cash flow positive from the outset of operation. Project savings can be shared with MMA Renewable Ventures for a set time, after which the customer takes ownership of project assets and realizes all savings from that point forward. Contract terms for energy efficiency typically range from 5 to 15 years.

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