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Solar Energy Market Overview

Solar energy is renewable, no cost and can lead to a savings of thousands of dollars yearly. The monetary down turn makes it even more vital to save lots of funds and residence solar power panels can create cost savings, too as energy. Thermal vitality can only be produced one particular way and the sun generates that energy without charge to you personally. With conversion to solar power panels, your family appliances could be run without a substantial electric invoice chipping away at your month-to-month spending budget. They fluctuate in measurement, consequently,a customized procedure can be acquired to meet your precise electricity needs. The panels help inside the reduction of electricity usage by trapping thermal energy from your sun and changing it into a kind usable by domestic appliances.

Various solar panel systems could be used to perform this thermal vitality seize and conversion course of action. Various solar cells, in concert with semi-conductors, comprise the panels which acquire thermal power. An enormous area of p-n junction in diode is designed because of the panels. The creation of electrical energy would be the consequence of daylight, or solar power, remaining absorbed by the solar cells. Geysers, mixers, heaters, etcetera., certainly are a couple of examples of gear which can be operate on solar energy. A obvious decline in monthly electrical costs could be the end result.

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A major financial investment as well as the acquire of pricey significant solar panel systems aren't required given that cost-effective Diy kits are available. Together with the capability to assembly a kit on your own, even much less financial outlay is needed to change your house. Affixing the panels is built easy by obtaining just some standard instruments on-hand. Usually, panel installation is usually done with products incorporated while in the kits. Screws, poles, bolts, solder, solder gun, meters, plywood, a full instruction guide and another minutia demanded for your installation are all included with the Do-it-yourself kits. Installation is quite easy with all the easy-to-understand instruction manual included with the kit.

Approximately 90% on the the installation value could be recouped while in the reduction of once a month electrical price. Heading absolutely off the grid is often crafted attainable together with the installation of multiple Do-it-yourself solar panel systems. A noticeable reduction in electrical usage can been viewed in your month to month bill, starting up the first week of installation. The ecosystem is significantly helped by conversion to solar power panels.

Numerous house owners are searching for alternate usually means of giving electricity to their property by putting in solar programs. One rationale currently being the present substantial charge of utility costs which have no signal of reducing. Another purpose will be the wish for an alternate vitality resource just in case of electricity outage resulting from pure or manmade catastrophe. Nonetheless other people are environmentally aware and want an alternate supply of electricity to lessen their carbon footprint on the planet and likely green which is photo voltaic energy.

Property photo voltaic devices aren't inexpensive to buy and set up although they are doing have got a lengthy phrase price tag benefit and need extremely little maintenance and generally very last for twenty several years or even more based on the climate. Some states give tax incentives for owners setting up an alternate vitality resource which aids offset the cost. Other benefits of the household photo voltaic program contain increased property worth because photo voltaic energy is surely an attraction for potential buyers in case your property actually goes on the market. The panels enable shield the roof and siding within your household for the reason that they act like a buffer in opposition to the elements. Solar is additionally a quiet power, it's pretty much noiseless earning your property awesome and peaceful.

Several house owners wanting to avoid wasting dollars make the decision to purchase a get it done oneself (Do-it-yourself) residence solar technique. These Diy kits are price conserving and time saving by providing all products necessary for creating a photo voltaic method. People that do not have a lot technical expertise benefit considerably from purchasing a Diy kit. These kits contain all the things your require as well as in depth guidance. Quite a few kits also incorporate a DVD that offers more recommendations.

If you want to not install the house solar kit all by yourself, you'll find contractors that householders can hire to complete this occupation. Having said that, you will find other rewards of finishing a Do-it-yourself task in addition to only conserving money. By creating the home photo voltaic system yourself, you have got the ability to learn extra with regards to the program, possess the opportunity to operate with your arms and come to feel that sensation of accomplishment if the undertaking is finished. You can also make this Do it yourself project some thing that a friends and family can work on collectively like a bonding practical experience.

Residence photo voltaic method kits occur in a number of dimensions based upon outputs ranging from fifteen watts to over 800 watts. Homeowners can obtain a tiny solar kit which will supply lighting to your backyard, or greater photo voltaic kits that may supply electricity to electronics and kitchen appliances. Don't forget each tiny little bit of alternate energy you create on your dwelling reduces the general charge of the utilities.

In 2006, solar energy had estimated annual global revenues of $15.6 billion. Driven by climate change concerns and encouraged by public-sector and utility incentives and rebates, solar energy is expected to become a $69.3 billion market by 2016.

Since the amount of sunlight hitting the earth in just one minute is enough to meet the world’s energy needs for an entire year, sunlight is the cheapest, most abundant renewable energy source available.

In the United States, more than a dozen states have initiated solar energy programs to help consumers, businesses, non-profits and public sector agencies adopt solar energy. The solar energy systems being built generate electricity that can offset peak load requirements and reduce fossil fuel-based grid electricity and resulting greenhouse gases emissions.

MMA Renewable Ventures Solar Energy Program

MMA Renewable Ventures is dedicated to delivering competitively priced, solar energy for customers, strategic partnership options for system integrators and exceptional opportunities for institutional investors in the renewable energy sector.

We work with businesses, non-profits and public-sector entities and agencies to finance, own and operate their solar energy systems. The primary way we do this is through a Power Purchase Agreement.

Advantages of Working with MMA Renewable Ventures

MMA Renewable Ventures delivers innovative debt and equity financing solutions to system integrators and real estate owners. Our mission is to become the premier financer of mid to large-size commercial photovoltaic (PV) power systems worldwide.

With the financial expertise and resources of our parent company MuniMae, MMA Renewable Ventures has the ability to maximize all federal and state tax incentives, rebates and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in a financial model that enables us to provide electrical power to our customers through a Power Purchase Agreement.

Solar Energy Financing Option—Power Purchase Agreement

MMA Renewable Ventures offers a cost-effective financing option to meet customers’ reliable and long-term solar energy needs. That option is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

  • Power Purchase Agreement —a service contract between MMA Renewable Ventures and a customer (site-host) where we finance, own and operate a solar energy system at the customer’s location and sell the electricity it generates to the customer for a pre-determined period.

Responsibilities Under the PPA

MMA Renewable Ventures

  • Finances entire process—permitting, designing, procuring, installing
  • Owns and operates system—covering operations, maintenance, insurance
  • Issues the PPA—identifying contract length terms, providing options to buy system


  • Executes agreement
  • Provides installation site (roof top, open space)
  • Provides access to site for operations and maintenance

Advantages of a Power Purchase Agreement

  • No capital outlay--projects can be cash flow positive from day one
  • Customer only pays for power the system generates
  • Predictability-- features long-term fixed energy price for term of contract
  • Includes option to purchase system after sixth year of operation

Depending on project and financing needs, MMA Renewable Ventures has the ability to customize solutions based on our customers’ requirements.

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