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Energy Efficiency Market Overview

Energy efficiency is the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to meet growing energy demand in the United States. Energy efficiency measures also improve bottom lines, help avoid power outages and offset the need for new power plants.

The annual market for energy efficiency in the U.S. alone has been estimated at $200 billion by The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Investments in energy efficient equipment and services will likely only grow over time as cost effective solutions that address energy and environmental concerns are needed.

Typical energy efficiency projects have attractive payback periods of five years or less. Energy efficient measures can also increase property values. Research completed by the Environmental Protection Agency has shown that a commercial building owner can generate two to three dollars in added asset value for every one dollar invested in energy efficiency. Companies that undertake steps to increase energy efficiency gain a platform to showcase environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

State and federal mandates for greater energy efficient products are driving the market, as are multi-billion dollar programs that electric and natural gas utilities are offering to cost-effectively reduce energy demand.

MMA Renewable Ventures complements energy efficiency initiatives by offering end-users, energy service providers, utilities, and state and federal agencies comprehensive financing solutions. Solutions include paying for up to 100 percent of the total cost of a range of project types and measures.

MMA Renewable Ventures Energy Efficiency Projects

MMA Renewable Ventures is dedicated to increasing investments in energy efficiency. We finance, own and manage non-residential energy efficiency projects at private and public sector facilities in the United States.

Projects typically invested in involve combined energy efficiency retrofit measures including:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • High-efficiency lighting
  • Motor and pump replacements
  • High-efficiency refrigeration systems
  • Energy management and controls systems
  • High efficiency cogeneration systems
  • Boiler and furnace replacements

Energy efficiency projects that MMA Renewable Ventures will finance range in size and cost, with typical private-sector facilities upgrades ranging from hundreds of thousands to more than one million dollars, and large public-sector upgrades that cost in excess of one million dollars.

MMA Renewable Ventures can provide up to 100 percent financing for the capital cost of a project so customers are not required to make any project capital outlays. Whenever possible, we finance efficiency projects that can be integrated with solar or other renewable energy systems. This approach can better maximize combined economic, environmental and investment benefits.

Advantages of Working with MMA Renewable Ventures

MMA Renewable Ventures works in partnership with industry leading service providers and stakeholders to implement our energy efficiency projects. Service providers include energy service companies (ESCOs), equipment providers, trade-specific contractors, utilities, and federal, state and local government agencies.

Working with a diverse set of providers and industry stakeholders enables us to provide clients with customized solutions for every phase of their project and help ensure efficiency savings are realized.

Uniquely Experienced in Financing and Owning Projects: By investing in and owning energy efficiency projects, MMA Renewable Ventures is unique. Unlike firms that specialize in either the construction of projects or financing of non-energy assets, we focus solely on managing energy efficiency investment project risk and returns. Our team has deep industry expertise in developing, financing and implementing projects for all types of clients.

Flexible Financing: We offer customers tailored energy efficiency financing solutions, including a 100 percent financing option that can be structured as off-balance sheet and off-credit. By offering comprehensive project financing, customers pay no up-front costs and projects can be cash flow positive from their operational outset. Savings can also be shared between the customer and MMA Renewable Ventures for a set time, after which ownership transfers to the customer who realizes all savings from that point forward.

Energy Efficiency Project Financing Options

MMA Renewable Ventures offers three flexible energy efficiency-financing options that have multiple customer benefits:

  • No capital outlay required
  • Off-balance sheet, off-credit financing
  • Long-term and flexible repayment options
  • Ability to have repayment based on avoided energy use (dollar amount per avoided kWh or avoided thermal load)
  • Ability to structure payments as cash flow positive or budget neutral
  • Coverage of long-term operations and maintenance costs


  • Shared Savings / Energy Efficiency Purchase Agreement

Provides 100 percent financing with customer payments based on agreed-upon share of realized energy savings or a set dollar amount for avoided energy unit. Analogous to our solar PPA, contract terms typically range from 5 to 15 years.

  • Integrated Energy Efficiency & Solar Energy Financing

Provides 100 percent financing via a long-term agreement of 10 to 25 years. Streamlined payment options enable joint financing and implementation of energy efficiency and solar energy measures to maximize economic gains. Payments are structured through a PPA contract denominated on a set dollar amount per kWh basis with varying terms for solar and energy efficiency kilowatts.

  • Tax Exempt Municipal Leases

Provides tax-exempt leases to municipal entities and qualified non-profit agencies. Typical repayment periods range from 7 to 15 years.

Depending on project and financing needs, MMA Renewable Ventures can customize solutions for our clients based on their requirements.

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